Starting Day 5 sugar-free (pretty much)

Day 5 of the sugar-free cleanse and I have to say I am feeling good. A trip to the health food store yesterday revealed of course more added sugar in almost everything, though in the health food store, it becomes necessary to consider evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, etc as “sugar”. And of course temptations abound even in the health food store, from organic chocolate, to brownies, to ice cream.

I walked out of the store with water crackers (see below), dry roasted cashews (no sugar, no oil), organic fruits/ veggies (can’t go wrong there), soup (had to read the labels), and salsa (the one with no added sugar). Later I had to stop by the regular store to pick up some items for my husband and I was able to find some great bread, though the regular store was difficult. Normally I would have bought a treat for the girls and myself- whoopie pies, cheesecake, pie, cookies, eclairs, and cannoli were all whispering their sweet seduction to me.

So what does the day look like as sugar-free? Here’s what I ate yesterday:




Humus and crackers

Pasta with Pesto

Geenbeans (a lot!)

Garlic bread


I probably need to increase the protein and the fruits/ veges.

Most importantly, how I am feeling? TMI here, but I will say that any bowel issues I have had are clearing up and my energy seems to be good. I think I am sleeping better.

Here is a list of the damage that sugar can wreck on your body, supported by peer-reviewed references:

I do not know that sugar really does all of this damage in all people, and the challenge of course is to determine how much sugar does damage and what other contributing factors need to be considered. I usually do not like long lists such as this which sort of “demonize” one substance, but it is an interesting cull of the research in this area.



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