So they sit

She sits there

Ever day I look for her

Sitting there

She is majestic

She is beautiful


She sits.

Sometimes she sits on her platform

Overlooking the Sasanoa River

Sometimes she prefers another spot

To sit.

She sits.

She is patient.

I imagine her to be both kind and fearsome.

She sits.

Sometimes on the branches of an old tree.

She sits.

And watches.

Appearing patient, but she is hunting, seeking, sitting, observing.

Her partner also sits.

He sits and watches with her.

Sometimes in the nest on the platform.

Sometimes on the branch.

Usually nearby.

He sits.

And watches.

They practice patience.

They have to sit quietly, eyes open, seeing the world.

They have to sit quietly and focus, or they will die.

They have to sit in order to hunt, in order to fill themselves up.

They have to seek.

They sit.

Then they make the dive, into the depths.

Hopeful of returning with something more.

Something to fill them up.

And they call.

They tell the other, I found it.

I sat, I was patient, I found it.

Here it is.

Just what I need.

They eat.

And then they sit.

One comment

  1. Worldly Winds · April 21, 2012

    Sublime 🙂

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