She is 6

She gets up early, before me even, and I hear her stomping down the stairs

Stomping, stomping down

Stomping, stomping back up

How does a 6 year old make so much noise with her 43 pound body?


She is happy

She colors- diamonds, she calls backgrounds, she colors the man’s beard

I make coffee, sip it slowly

Do some reading


She is the best kid in school

Kind, loving, caring, generous, helpful

She is sweet, fun, and beautiful with blonde hair and big blue eyes

She has a “boy”friend and a best friend

She can count to 200

She writes her own stories and makes her own books


And then it is yoga time

I pull out my mat

She joins me quietly

and we begin


We stretch up, side-side, backwards, forwards

We breathe

We twist

We stretch

We arch

I reposition her little awkward body

That is not yet graceful


We chant;  I say:

Aum, Shanti, Aum

She sings:

Aum, Shanti, Aum

I chant (Aum, Shanti, Shanti, Aum) she sings, I chant, she sings

And then we both sing

Asking for peace, love, ease.


She is 6 and she has school

She needs to eat, make lunch, get dressed, hygiene attended to

She is 6 and I give her some tools

I hope she will remember


  1. jeglatter · May 4, 2012


  2. Carey S. Clark, RN, PhD · May 4, 2012

    Thanks Jennifer; she is a very good girl and very spiritual.

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