I should be

I should be writing

I should be finishing this article

Going on a year with it sitting on my lap top

It’s open now

And I should finish it

The data is there

And it needs to be done


I should also finish that book

That book that will captivate your mind

With it’s strangeness

And tail of enlightenment of the human species

And the troubles with balancing technology and spirituality

It’s only 1/3 of the way through


I should be writing for real

Every day

Everyday making that effort

to let something else move through me

Speak through me

Push me along to somewhere else


Yes perhaps writing is the answer

It is one of the things that will make my happy list

My list of things I want out of life

To be a writer

To explore the human condition

To share just the tidbits

And the big bits of life


I should be writing

Oh wait

I am writing

right here and now

putting the fingers to the symbols on the keyboard

the fastest three finger typist you done ever seen

ever seen


I used to have write everything out by hand

Big Yellow Pads of Legal paper

Scrawling away

and handing bits to my husband to be typed

It was not that long ago, 12 years ago

That I bought a computer

and taught myself to write on it with two or three fingers


I should be writing

but instead I am pecking

pecking away at the letters

staring at my fingers sometimes even now

instead of the screen

where the creation appears.


Yes, I should be writing

even it means nothing now

Someday it might

it might reach somebody’s cold, hardened heart

and break it wide open

let the cosmos seep in

and change the universe.



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