The sun came out, and the moon followed it too

The sun came out

On a gray and cloudy morning

After days and days of rain

The sun came out in all of its glory

Breaking through the clouds

on and off shining through

all day long


The sun swept across the sky

warming our bodies

working against those cold Maine Spring winds

That sweep over the ocean

and burr through our spring layers


Later in the long bright day

The sun cast pinkish shadows

Making its way toward the West

Always headed Westward, though eventually rising Eastward


The west where I was born

The west- where the sun seems to live

Her workday is done

We bid you a sweet good- bye sun


The moon will be rising soon

Any moment, when?, any moment now

We prepare ourselves

for its glory

its round fullness

its super status- tonight only


Super moon- round and full, pulling the tides

higher, higher, higher

Super moon- boldly shining

Following me through the night

Creating a changing and brilliant light-

Red, yellow, super white



The super moon then follows, chases, follows

The moon is constantly chasing the sun

Occasionally appearing in the Western sky

And she never turns back

That route would be faster


But they never turn back

They take the same routes

Content to make another loop

Another loop

Ad infinitum

Another journey

in pursuit of the West and yet always rising in the East.


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