I have a list

I have a list sitting by my computer

It is a bit long

And a lot boring

Words scrawled on lined white paper

Tasks like: call xyz, and finish that article you started a year ago

And I just was stuck with it all today

Because a certain file would not upload


Instead of simply coming back to it

Maybe tomorrow or maybe next week

I tried over and over

and over I tried to upload the file

I shrunk it

I saved it as a .pdf

I saved it as a .jpg

I saved it as a .docx

It would not upload


That task was not complete today

And the list is folded over

Sitting by the computer

Folded over perfectly

So I can forget what it is I am supposed to do

And instead I will do something else

Something else indeed


Like lay on the hammock with the girls

Under a beautiful clear blue sky

Not a cloud in sight

Two eagles fly high, high, high over head

The kids run races and they train the beagle

to be a racing horse-dog

We become royalty, wearing crowns and smiles

As I talk in my best-worst English accent

Issuing orders on how the queen herself can best be served


We eat tacos and broccoli,  like all of the royals do

And I request that they add some money to my royal pile of money

I am the queen after-all.

The imaginary pile turns into a mountain of money

The royal horse-dog eats his dinner and gets walked before bed.

Flowers picked by the princesses are placed in vases.

Teeth are brushed.

Royals kisses and queenly hugs are distributed.


And after the princesses are in bed

Far too late


The list remains, upside down and inside out

It will be there tomorrow

Unless the royal cat spills water on it

Or the horse-dog eats it

Or a giant wind whisks it far, far away

Up and up and up

To where the eagles fly across the bright blue sky.

The list would flutter there

An unidentified lying, flying object.


Most likely

I will have this list tomorrow.

Inside out

Upside down

The list will remain.


  1. Hannah Gosselin · May 17, 2012

    This is wonderful, Carrie!!! Such a visual piece that I can totally relate to. Great write! Smiles to you and a late “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  2. Carey S. Clark, RN, PhD · May 18, 2012

    Thanks Hannah! We miss you all and the church family, though camp seems to call us continually out to Western Maine now on the weekends.

    • Hannah Gosselin · May 18, 2012

      We miss you too, and when we see you it’s a joy. I understand the drawing feeling of camp though it’s good to heed that, these kiddos will only be young once! Warm smiles to you!

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