Coming Home

I return home, oddly refreshed and exhausted at the same time

A conference attended, well worth the effort of the 8 hour drive

But what compares to home?


A husband who has a big bowl of popped corn to share

A dog who greets me lovingly and enthusiastically

A child who look so grown up,

I wonder if this is really my little baby

Sleeping quietly on the couch

Waiting for mama


Nothing compares to home

Another child, asleep in her bed

too many covers

A warm cheek to kiss, hair damp from being too warm


This is home

A cat who purrs loudly

While cuddling on the lap

Piles of laundry that can wait for later

Cool coastal winds blowing through the open bedroom window


Home, with its high tides

Right outside the window

The impending coastal storm

The green all around


Home, where my heart dwells

Where my love grows

Where I am grounded

Where I am loved





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