Once the universe exploded


And I was there

Gas and particles

Creating something new


And then there was an earth

Covered in ice

I was there

Frozen in time

Particles of ice and dust clinging together


Next came a worldwide fire

I was burning from within

And from without

My particles combining




I was a dinosaur, a fish, a butterfly, and an eagle

I was particles floating and flying

like pollen on a warm spring day

carried by the wind

I was a tree, breathing out fresh oxygen

That even today I breath back  in


Fire and Ice, rains and floods, beings and particles

I am these particles

God moving me from stardust

To consciousness, cycle after cycle

Knowing I would return

To that dust again.


In this consciousness, in this here and now

I ask myself

I ask my creator

For grace, and peace, and hope

As the particles around me crumble

reform and recombine

help me to make way for something unique each day.


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