She is rising

I make my way downstairs

It is summer, warm, warm summer

And as I look out the window

and get the coffee pot ready

She begins to peak over the horizon at me

Reddish and Orange

Growing slowly but surely

Just like yesterday

And every other day

She grows and blooms before me


This morning She reflects of the River

Her orange and yellow glow

Steam rising, rising up off the water

To meet her golden light

Wind ripples water

On this warm, warm summer morning


She rises and rises

Moving slowly and steadily

She will make her way following her predictable path

This morning, this warm summer morning

Creating glimmering light so bright

That it is impossible to look at

The reflection beyond the capacity of the human eye.

It cannot be held

But it can be returned to

again and again


The birds respond and wake

Signaling to the world

That today has begun

We have another chance

Another opportunity

For light to emerge all around us

And within us

Just as she has risen and shown her strength

So may we.

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