Color Me Brilliant

Reach down here now

And color me in bold

bright and beautiful

color after color


Make me as purple

as the ripened grapes

sitting on the vine

waiting for harvest in October


Paint me as yellow

as a newborn chick’s fluffy feathers

drying around the warmth

of the mother hen’s belly


Color me as blue

as a clear summer morning sky

stretching across and over

a cool alpine lake at rest


Sketch me as green

as the dark green of the damp forest

after a passing summer thunderstorm

which moves quick as lightening, soon out of sight


Design me as orange

as the deep orange flames lapping at dry wood

tossed onto a campfire

creating a smokey memory of days gone by


Create me as red

as the blood that seeps through the bandage

placed over the newly formed injury

before it dries to a deep purple brown


Pink, white, silver, brown, black, and gold

Aubergine, turquoise, amber, vermillion, and verdigris

Puce, violet, manganese, jasper, malachite, razzmatass,

Coral, scarlett, sienna, indigo, and cobalt


Color me brilliant

Color me again

Color me always

Color after color


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