I wake up to the beep-beep-beep of the Monday morning alarm

I am stumbling along through the process of waking up

As I come downstairs, I see a light glowing outside.

Getting closer to the window, a star emerges

Star light, star bright?


No it appears to be that ever so bright star

Venus maybe

getting close to a crescent shaped moon

with a few other twinklers nearby

And of course I stare in awe-mazement.


It looks like a “sign”

What is that moon doing up so early?

Surrounding herself with stars

Casting her light on a cool late summer morning

What is the message she is sending?


Is she saying: look, I can do anything!

I can be anywhere, in any configuration

And spread my light into the darkness at any hour.

I shut my eyes and I try to remember

when I was that moon and those stars

Stardust glimmering about the universe


I see a shimmering galaxy of connection

A bright space

Where both light and dark are held

As the planets shimmer around

Twinkling and expanding

In a universe with no beginning and no end


And I look back a while later

Sipping coffee and feeling more awake

And the scene has changed

Still lovely

Less dramatic

It’s too bad you missed it when it was awe-some

A reminder

That nothing lasts forever

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