Out Into It

I step out into it

The darkness, crisp air

Only twinkling stars

Sparkling down at me


I walk out into it

I look up

and I get that deep sense of Everything

Everything being bigger me

like none of this @#$%  $%^&

In my mind matters


I almost jump out of my head

Because look

There IT is

The universe

Unfolding over and over

Day after day

Moment to moment

Twinkle upon twinkle

Right there before my freakin’ eyes


So I breathe it all in

The over and over

The twinkling on and on

The right here, right now


I keep moving out into It

The here-now moment

I take it into my heart

I close my eyes

I breathe it into my soul


I open my eyes

A flash of light

I am beneath the brightest star

And I jump right out into It


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