We start the class

The teacher asks about everybody’s body

We hear about neck, shoulders, low back

Again and again

We repeat our bodily issues


I am the last

My turn, Finally

My neck, shoulders mid-back, low-back hurt too

But instead I tell my best yoga joke

“I am just here for Savasana!”

Laughter to start the class

I do love Savasana


It is yoga

It is yin yoga

It is resting into discomfort

Finding a way to not go to the edge

and yet sit with discomfort

A way to create Ease


There are favorite poses

And not so favorite poses

Part of me wants to push and go deeper than need be

And  part of me wants to rest, not work so hard

I want Savasana now


Savasana- The Corpse Pose

Time to practice dying

In the moment

To the moment

Melting back into the earth

From whence we came


That is why I am here

To practice Savasana

Being here now

Dying again and again

Back to the earth, back to mother-father God


The hour stretches on

I am a pretzel

And then there is Savasana

She comes to me

And she says, “let somebody help you”

And she covers me gently

an eye pillow placed to support my head


And I feel the tears well up

I need to let others help

I need to let go

And it is so hard

I miss my mommy

I cry a little for the missing of the original mother


And I, we have our Savasana

A time to heal and rest

While the world outside spins and spins some more

Busy people, getting to somewhere or nowhere

They are happy or sad or numb

Loud cars, horns toot

And we rest here on this wooden floor

In the light filled, safe place


We melt, we become the one with the One

Savasana leading to the ultimate Namaste

Savasana leading us from death to awakening

To recognition

Of the greater One within all



It is all I am here for anyway.

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