I wake and the stars shine brightly down upon me

Repeating their patterns again and again

Twinkling their mysterious lights

I am awake and thankful


And soon, the sun follows

Chasing the stars far away with her glow

A sherbet colored rising in the sky, shifting from pink to bright yellow

I am awake and full of gratitude


The sun slides across the sky

Following her well-worn paths again and again

Her shifts so imperceptable

Yet each day the pattern is new, even if only slightly so


I am awake and full of gratitude

As she slides toward the Western horizon

Reminding me of what was left behind

As the sky flares pinks and reds in her wake


Grateful for the stars emerging again

Another day to live, love, grow

Falling into ease and presence of the now

Slipping gently into the softness of the bed


Gratitude and thankfulness

Moving through every cell

Radiating out to others

I am asleep and thankful


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