A cold and sunny day

It should be spring, a few days away

Bright sunshine burns

Through cold air

And lands on brown earth


And she lays on me, beside me


Not breathing

She won’t be here on the equinox


But on this cold and sunny day

She lays quietly on a bed

In the sun

Covered in a towel


On this cold and sunny day

She is more then a cat to us

She is our baby, sister, daughter

She represents love, and cuddling


An angel, a messenger, dear friend

Who takes her last breath

And moves somewhere else

On this cold and sunny day.


  1. jeglatter · March 22, 2013

    No where near New England anymore…thank you for reminding me.:) Beautiful!

  2. Hannah Gosselin · March 22, 2013

    Beautiful writing and sad…thinking of you and your’s…

    and my heart goes out to you, relating as our/my 15 year old girl dog everyday is closer to this place, too.

  3. Carey S. · March 23, 2013

    Hannah, great to see you here. 15 is pretty old for a pup, but that is still pretty hard. We actually buried Marley last week. It was hard on the girls for a day or two, but the youngsters seem to move on. I am still sitting on my chair funny, leaving a space for her that goes unfilled.

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