Eagle or

I thought it was an eagle

At first

Grandly flying by

Oh, wait …


Look harder now

See what I can see

Maybe it’s just a gull

Betraying of my eyes


Breathe and notice

The river gone out to sea

The blue, blue sky

The fading of the day


She flies by again

Graceful and giant

Huge wing span

Oh, Osprey


So clear now

And I can let go

Let go of desire for eagle

And embrace the osprey

Open Heart

Eyes shut

Timer on

Observing breath

Tears roll down


Accept the opening

Heart beating

Tears as blessings

Trickle down



Aum Shanti Aum

Peace love joy ease gratitude



Cry and wipe tears

Cry and feel the heart

Feel gentley

Accept openly



Stand tall, like a mountain.

Be the mountain, unmovable, solid granite, always there from beginning to end.

Be the mountain, supporting the trees and holding people on their path upward.


Stand tall against wind, rain, snow, blazing sun.

Stand tall against change, fear, anxiety, depression.

Be the mountain, feel your strength.

Feel your strength that always was and always will be.

Feel your strength as you stand still and rock solid, alone.


Be the mountain, the always was and always will be.