When the stars fall from my eyes

When I have been planted and grown

Stretching to new heights

Swaying through every storm

And breathing through every moment of my birth


When I have been felled to the earth

Returning to the father-mother-God

Cosmic conscious freed since my birth

Oh Freedom, Oh Life,  Oh Liberty,


When I melt back into the one

When the moon rises above me

Chasing the setting of my life’s sun

Seeking the everlasting comfort of  shade


When the liquid of stars fall from these eyes

All human tears  gone at last

My heart and soul will sail to the skies

Then I will find my way back home


My soul released at last

Sweet Liberty, Sweet Freedom

Know that my heart will sing, free at last.

Home upon home upon home.


Welcome back the soul

Watch the cosmic stars trembling,

Returning after paying the toll

Watch for the stardust of my life.





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