Time and place

Do you remember when you were in this unknown wide open place,

And everything fell into a particularly wide-open time and space?

When the day would seem to go on toward infinity, and never coming to an end

And every body you met stopped to say hello, hug you, and call you friend?

That infinitel time and place.

Back when you were everything, something and nothing at all

Just but a moment in time spreading across the day moving into night fall. 

That wide open time and place.

You were a universe with no clocks no boundaries no time to be lost

And every musical note brought meaning to your life with no cost.

That boundary-less time and space

How can you describe the oneness that you felt?

Like your heart opening to the cosmos from where you once dwelt.

No matter, no need to describe if you open and return there now

Like leaning toward forever, remembering the who when and how.


Child, you are love

Mama do you love me

she would ask once again

And her mother would gather her

in arms built for the two of them


Not only do I love you

my darling, my sweet dear

But you are full of love, brimming over

from right inside of here


And her mama would rest a hand

on the middle of her small chest

And cuddle her close, breathing her in

Feeling ever so blessed


To hold this child of love

this spirit of God in her arms

To pray for all blessings

to keep her from the world’s harms



Morning ritual

The sun came up

And she closed her eyes

Ignoring the growing light

And color of the skies


The sun rose higher

And with eyes closed tight

She woke up inside

To her own ease and light


Repeating and returning

Mind wanders across internal sky

Watch the clouds floating over

She is preparing to live and die


It’s the morning ritual

And so much more

It’s the opening of the self

Revealing of the cosmic core.


Good morning ritual

Her own life lay from within it grew

Letting go of past and future

Awakening through and through