Time and place

Do you remember when you were in this unknown wide open place,

And everything fell into a particularly wide-open time and space?

When the day would seem to go on toward infinity, and never coming to an end

And every body you met stopped to say hello, hug you, and call you friend?

That infinitel time and place.

Back when you were everything, something and nothing at all

Just but a moment in time spreading across the day moving into night fall. 

That wide open time and place.

You were a universe with no clocks no boundaries no time to be lost

And every musical note brought meaning to your life with no cost.

That boundary-less time and space

How can you describe the oneness that you felt?

Like your heart opening to the cosmos from where you once dwelt.

No matter, no need to describe if you open and return there now

Like leaning toward forever, remembering the who when and how.



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