It is what it is

If you were here now in this moment

And this moment and the next

You would not feel the need to name it

It is what it is , what it is, is


You may call it presence

Or even love or hate or anger or pride or sadness

Happiness or joy or light or ease or pain or grief

Still, it is what it is, which is what it is


It could be a choice now

To open up your heart and accept it all

Accept it for all that it is

And nothing more or less then what it truly is


An impermanent moment, moving on from the next

Breath followed by breath

Easing yourself deeply into it

So you can truly see what it is


For right here in your heart

It is what has always been

And it is what will always be,

From here we enter an eternity of being,  It is what it is.