Twinges of cold: The door to Winter

Cold wind bites through soft layers

Briskness touching the human core

This is the beginning

Ahead the promised fading toward more


Cold days of frost and dim light

Wintery glittering nights of snow

We think of what may be ahead of us

Yet, we have yet to learn and know


Can we find ways to bring joy

Peace, and ease without light

Can we remember our own humanity

To brighten up the long winter’s night?


Let us welcome the challenge

And swing wide open winter’s door

Let us be thankful, show gratitude

And make this season worth more

Be creative

Please be creative

It will help heal your soul

It will open up your heart

And make you whole


Just take a moment

A good breath or two

And connect to that inner source

Where love shines through


Tell the others

We can do this, one and all

Help them to create new meaning

About friendship, love, or the weather this Fall


Spread the word

Creativity is healing and more

It open you up to spirit

And expands you deep from the core



She is beaming her toothy grin

Striped summer dress, chubby arms

Blue eyes the color of the sky

The perfect picture, and they continue the search


Into the woods they say, let’s go

Near the father’s home

We hope to find her, somewhere there

Find her today


She has been gone from home so long

I can picture the beautiful 2 year old

Sitting in the woods, crying for food or playing with twigs

Waiting, waiting for someone to hold her


But she won’t be there, not like that

After all of this time, only artifacts will remain

The striped dress, the blond hair clinging to her skull

The teeth smiling out


Oh, heavenly father shine your light down upon us

Bring peace to an angel’s family, to the world

We mourn so when they end up back in your arms

These messengers, angels of love


Falling Away

On the branch, so much beauty

Orange, gold, red, bright and light

I smile and awe at you

Your transformation from green to here complete.


And then I cling to you, fretting

No do not go, the time was short and fast

Your beauty so lovely yet fleeting

Don’t let go just ye


And yet you do, you let go

You release your holdĀ  and sail away

Carried by wind or gently floating

Down, down, back toward the earth you sprial


You may lay at rest until the wind swoops you up

Carries you away to a new place of rest

Just going with the flow, flitting this way and that

Slowly crinkling into deep brown


And then comes the moisture and storms

To beat you down, you do not resist

You go willing back and back

Back to the beginning and the eternal earth.

Pink Horizon

A pink horizon glows

Across a river, on a mountain top

Edging the gray colored skies

With just enough color pop


So quickly it glows on and grows deeper

More robust with each breath I take

Pinks blend into magenta, orange, and grey

Living art, that only God can make


Breath in this moment, here and now

The moment of love, joy, and ease

Relish the time and space

As one of unfolding internal ease.