She is beaming her toothy grin

Striped summer dress, chubby arms

Blue eyes the color of the sky

The perfect picture, and they continue the search


Into the woods they say, let’s go

Near the father’s home

We hope to find her, somewhere there

Find her today


She has been gone from home so long

I can picture the beautiful 2 year old

Sitting in the woods, crying for food or playing with twigs

Waiting, waiting for someone to hold her


But she won’t be there, not like that

After all of this time, only artifacts will remain

The striped dress, the blond hair clinging to her skull

The teeth smiling out


Oh, heavenly father shine your light down upon us

Bring peace to an angel’s family, to the world

We mourn so when they end up back in your arms

These messengers, angels of love



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