To the earth: Leaf-cycle

I watch you

floating there, hanging in the air

your colors change as you begin to spin

and find you way back to earth


You land not far from the tree

where you were born

just another leaf

on the growing golden tan pile


There at the bottom of the tree

you all collect

no protest, just resting silently

waiting for the next thing


A wind to whisk you away

a child to run by and kick you into the air

a dog to sniff you

or use you for his business


Most likely though, you will return

back to the earth, right near here

right by this tree where you once hung and

fluttered in the breeze


You will break down and feed the earth

the earth that supports the tree

and you will become the tree again

parts of you cycling back up towards greenness


Fluttering in the breeze again

capturing the light

releasing pure oxygen

for all of us to breathe


We will welcome you

so glad to see you again

in a few months time

the cycle of the leaf



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