The song that slipped away

There was a song my heart was singing,

loud and clear, full of joy

in my ears it was ring-a-ling-ringing.


The perfect tone, stance, and melody

What peace, love and joy it would create

And then it quickly slipped away from me



I should have held tightly, never let you go

So precious and unique you were

Like a flake of crystalline new fallen snow


I knew you wouldn’t come back to me

As I watched you fly swiftly away

Goodbye dear song, I release you to be free


Oh song, sweet lost song of mine

Where have you roamed and strolled

What great adventures did you find?


You will be so very greatly missed

Sweet lost precious rhyme and melody

Gone like the dream of the first one ever kissed.




Winter Welcome

The longest night of the year

It is upon us once more

A time to celebrate the deep darkness

Even as we move back toward the light

It is okay to embrace this long cold night-like day

To relish this once yearly opportunity

Within this day of the winter solstice

Celebrate the warmth and the light from within

Embrace the yin yang character of a day filled with night

Sing aloud the joy of the new season

Yet watch for longing, attachment, aversion

And celebrate the depths of the soul



Little Angel

They looked down from heaven and said

“There she goes again, getting stuck up in her head.”

“I think she might be too tired, or maybe just homesick “

“I wish we could help her out, give her a cure to stick”.

The poor little angel, so alone on the big plant earth

Alone with the deep loneliness that had followed her since birth.

The heavenly angels chuckled, smiled, and sighed aloud

and sent the greatest love to her down through the cloud.

For they knew she had chosen this one, holy sacred life

Despite the pain, the tears, the aches; despite the strife.

She will emerge soon, a new being glowing with love light

And the angels will cheer as her heart shines in the night.


Liquid Stars

It was the night the stars came tumbling

Melting from their frozen places in the sky

It was night so warm and wicked

The magic was not at bay

The sky she was wide open

And the stars came tumbling down

The sky she was roiling about

And the stars were on the ground

I picked one up and held it

It’s light stunning before my eyes

Of gas and glitter and stones and dust

My soul was so entranced

I noticed I was slipping into the stars

Ashes to ashes, and dust to stardust

The night those stars came tumbling down

And my heart was opened wide

The night when the sky opened up

Was the night when we loved and died.

Amazing as it may seem

the liquid stars they became us

Yes sometime later

new stars emerged above

But between the time of liquid stars and now

The starlight came from us

Now we wait and pray and wonder

When the stars will slide out of place once more

And fall back into us




I am sending him away

He will fly far and he will fly fast

He’s going on his way

To the place that was our past


A place of magic and beauty

Of shores of golden light

He’ll return to our homeland

And see stars shining bright


This place was once upon a time

That which we called home-base

This place where he is travelling

Will welcome him with a warm embrace


The land of evening beauty

Where the sea holds up the sun

Until she tires of the day

She then lets go, and it is done


Though I am not traveling too

I can smell the ocean air

I can see the redwoods growing

I remember my whispered prayer


I left her behind some years ago

and now I send him there

If I close my eyes I see my home

Remembering only the fair


So fly my love,

Fly swiftly on your way

Bring me back some light and love

To enjoy another day.