I am sending him away

He will fly far and he will fly fast

He’s going on his way

To the place that was our past


A place of magic and beauty

Of shores of golden light

He’ll return to our homeland

And see stars shining bright


This place was once upon a time

That which we called home-base

This place where he is travelling

Will welcome him with a warm embrace


The land of evening beauty

Where the sea holds up the sun

Until she tires of the day

She then lets go, and it is done


Though I am not traveling too

I can smell the ocean air

I can see the redwoods growing

I remember my whispered prayer


I left her behind some years ago

and now I send him there

If I close my eyes I see my home

Remembering only the fair


So fly my love,

Fly swiftly on your way

Bring me back some light and love

To enjoy another day.




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