Liquid Stars

It was the night the stars came tumbling

Melting from their frozen places in the sky

It was night so warm and wicked

The magic was not at bay

The sky she was wide open

And the stars came tumbling down

The sky she was roiling about

And the stars were on the ground

I picked one up and held it

It’s light stunning before my eyes

Of gas and glitter and stones and dust

My soul was so entranced

I noticed I was slipping into the stars

Ashes to ashes, and dust to stardust

The night those stars came tumbling down

And my heart was opened wide

The night when the sky opened up

Was the night when we loved and died.

Amazing as it may seem

the liquid stars they became us

Yes sometime later

new stars emerged above

But between the time of liquid stars and now

The starlight came from us

Now we wait and pray and wonder

When the stars will slide out of place once more

And fall back into us



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