Happy Beginning

I want a story, he says

A story to go on and on

It should have a happy beginning

And it shouldn’t take so very long


Like the moment when the universe appeared

Or the first human sang and talked

When the sky first turned deep purple- blue

And man first became bipedal and really walked


A story with a beautiful, happy beginning

And a universe with a forever and no limit

There could be no sad, long goodbyes or deaths

We would understand our soul’s place within it


This beautiful happy beginning

And the story that never completes

The infinity knot round and round

Forever we are winners, never any defeats


For even death cannot end this beginning

The forever unfolding and releasing happy story

For the universe doesn’t stop and count

There is no limited inventory


If sorrow and such are just an illusion

A projection of the ego and the brain

Then the happy beginning can loop around us

Returning once and for all, again, again, again.





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