I am untethered
I am just floating free
I am untethered
Once you please let me drift free?

It started some years ago, even before they all left
The ties that held me, they were fraying at best
The family, they split, walked right out the door
The family I once had, I have now no more.

Don’t ask me such questions, what’s it like to be me
I am untethered and I float on this wide open, vast sea
When the ties cannot bind you, sail on be free
Remain untethered, adrift in the emptiness of night sea.

To have no more grounding, no past up right here
No more linkages to the history causes a cold empty fear
Yet Floating untethered it fits comfortably
Rocking in the emptiness, this life’s meant to be.

I never expected to be so all alone and adrift
I never expected it to feel like a worn antique gift
It’s been there my whole life, a calling to float free
Never held down at all, never tethered to thee.