Estimate this

A look across a grey and smoke-filled room

Blue eyes sparkling, gazing up at stars and moon

A baby cries for her mama, alone

A dear old friend rings you on the phone

A day spent laying by the ocean or sea

A little time spent to take care of just me

A room filled with love and light

A song ringing out again into the dark of night

A delicious frosty beverage on a sweltering summer day

A glimpse of the sun slipping out-of-the-way

A silky puppy or kitten to hold close and cuddle

A silly joke or puzzle ,made to befuddle

Icebergs floating down a river blue

A bursting forth of spring just for you

Hot sand burning our feet on a white warm beach

The gold ring flashing by, just out of reach

A day spent with the one you call a sweet lover

Rolling around in the greenest Spring ground cover

A homemade deliciously late breakfast or early lunch

A special drink with your Sunday brunch

The first smile from your favorite child

A love that over the years runs on and wild


Estimate the value of a million and one things

And put it into the place where your heart alone sings

Estimate the power of the love and joy you know

And multiply that power to help you grow and grow


Estimate this life, as it goes on and on

Hold the power forever and beyond

Estimate the love you need, multiply it by three

And watch it come back again to thee.


Estimate this…..



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