If I Was Nature

If I was a cloud floating on by

Would you look up, breathe, and wonder why

I looked like a dog, a boat, or a fish

Would you smile and make your deepest wish?


If I was a sweet morning dove

Cooing from without, beyond, and above

Would you take a deep lungful of cleansing air

And truly release all of your thoughts, without care?


If I was a cool and quiet green-blue pond

Would you remember all who made you feel fond

Would you step in deep right here and now

And take a lingering and heartfelt inner bow?


Would you recognize your inner light

And begin to give up the perpetual fight

Take a step toward nature and deeply receive

Releasing your suffering, and feeling deep relief.


For in nature we can find deep healing

The chance to recognize all we are feeling

Moving up and beyond life’s suffering

And accepting the Spirit’s natural offering.


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