On the Memoir

Help me escape

Soothe me through the words of your life

It seems so difficult, what you lived through

Much worse than what I experinced

Or so I think, though I have my own childhood tragedy

A high adverse childhood events score

5 out of 10

I drink your life up in every word on the page

Mary Karr

Barbara Robinette Moss

Jeannette Wallis

Ashley Rhodes-Courter

Koran Zalickas

Maya Angelou

Christa Paravani

Barb Rogers

Donna George

I cry for you and I cry for me

I can’t perhaps always or often feel my own pain

I learned to block parts of it during my childhood

And I block it now in more adult ways

Like work, work, work… and worry

But I can feel yours

Deeply, aching, I cry as I read

My eyes burn and my nose runs,

I wake up in the morning with puffy eyes

The lack of fairness is astounding

The pain astronimical

Your own healing work amazing.

Memoirs ending with some healing, some resilience found

March on sisters, whether in this life or the next

You made a difference for me

In the telling of your story

In your beautiful memoir.

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