Profound Dreaming

It was a night of deep dreaming

Sleeping and profound thoughts

She awoke and finally heard the answer

Eight years was the message received.


The day broke with a bright orange sun

And the little one fell into her arms, clinging

she said, I can’t tell you my dreams, mama

They are too scary.


And the remnants of the night’s messages

Hung in the warming air of the summer morning

Profound and perhaps painful dreaming

Meanings to be discerned.

She rises

Gently this morning

She rises above the green horizon

The glowing yellow orb

Of warmth of light

Say farewell to the cold dark night

To the memories of the windy storm

To the thoughts of uncertain lightening strikes

Acknowledge her strength as she rises higher

Into a welcoming bright blue sky

Shine on bright star

Gratitude for a new and beautiful day

A little time

Just a little time

to stop, breathe, and think quietly today

to dip our toes in the cold Atlantic Ocean

and walk barefoot on warm brown sand.


It flies by so quickly

each day melding and blending toward summer

rain and sun and wind and rain

one more week and equinox emerges


The cat sits beneath my chair on the deck

and the girls scream during a water hose fight

the bugs buzz around the yard

bumblers, mosquitoes, bees, june bugs


The air is deep and heavy and humid

the tress green and brilliant and flowing

the garden springing forth from the earth

on this little time day


I must remember

just a little time each day

to breathe, to be present to the season

to watch nature in her glory.



The trip

Waiting in the line, I look down
The little angels, shining bright
Perhaps 10 years old
Her right lower leg is gone
In its place a support to help her walk


Tears spring to my eyes
As a nurse I think of her journey
Both known and unknown to me
Thank you little angel
For reminding me
For giving me the moment to be
For letting my own heart open
To God’s gracious healing