This War, This Peace

I think, I can’t do this again

Not another war

I can’t watch it all

Tearing families apart

Dead children on cots

Other fleeing for their lives

Over the globe again

Shooting people out of the sky.

I think, this is not MY war

I didn’t ask for this.

I can’t watch as man harms man

And babies, women, innocents are lost.

I think stop already, enough

This is getting us nowhere, nowhere good.

Let’s all just go home quietly

And live through our differences.

Practice acceptance of humankind.

Let’s shut down this ridiculous machine

Let’s stop this war, after war, after war.

When I was younger I thought I won’t bring children

Into a world filled with war and hate

And now I have done that

And I think, we need them now.

We need the children to hold us

And teach us about love and peace

Remind us about innocence and light

Teach them to carry that peace forward.

So “your war” has become

A war on peace

Pushing my motivation to strive for peace


Peace in thought

Peace in action

Peace from within

Peace through prayers

To share with a world

That seems to have lost all serenity.

Join in, bring light now

Peace will not be defeated.

In a place seemingly devoid of power

What we can do now

Is strengthen our hold on peace.

Each one of us practicing peace.

Peace, be here now.

Peace, shine through us all.

Peace, in all we do.




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