It WIll Be

Someday that will be me

Sitting on a beautiful island

Smiling, surrounded by grandchildren

Speaking from that podium up front

Eating that deliciously amazing meal

Breaking the tape at the finish line

Wearing that gorgeous outfit

Winning over the right person

Living in that lovely house by the ocean

Holding your hand

Wearing the cutest cowboy boots

Becoming your best friend

Victory in hand after winning that award

Treking up that mountain

Someday that will be me

Sleeping in and staying up late

Singing with a perfectly matched pitch

Smiling at my adoring fans

Living a life of humble service

Going off the grid

Running marathon after marathon

Sipping the finest wine

Riding the bucking bronco

Writing the novel of my dreams

Winning you over, again, again, again

Yes, someday that will be me

But until then…

I will smile, nod, and choke back

The green monster of envy

That crawls around in my brain

I want, I want, I want…..

Someday that will be me.




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