Peace Prayer: Please

Sitting in a quiet comfortable place

With your blessings all around

Open up your heart’s deep space

And pray without a sound.


If you believe peace is a right

Then say your prayers right here

God, please help us end this fight

Take away the suffering and the fear.


When we are feeling safe and warm

It is the time to pray

God please remove all of the harm

And bring peace now to stay.


Can you feel the space

The one that peace can create?

Bringing forward a new time and place

Leaving behind fear and hate.


So if you believe in peace

Pray with all of your heart

That all of these wars will cease

And fear will fall apart.


Note from the author: If you have been blessed with a capacity for peace right now, please share that with the world in whatever way you can. Some ways to spread peace are to keep propagating it through action, thought, and a peaceful consciousness.




One comment

  1. johncoyote · August 2, 2014

    I agree. Need a billion prayers for peace. Someone may listen then.

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