Deep River: Now RIP

Like a flash of light

Erupting laughter from within

A gift from above

Glowing for all hearts


But deep inside

There ran a river

Of muddy dark blood. loneliness

The dark side hidden from our vision


The light side would even joke

About the darkness within

But the suffering continued

A unbearable, unimaginable pain


And the river swelled it banks

Yearning to be saved by the light

But wallowing in it’s own sense of unseen

And he would hear it lapping at him from the shore


That dark muddy river would call to him

From time to time to time again

Lapping and crying out

Let me be seen, shine the light, set me free


Until one day those dark waters rose

They grew higher and higher

Engulfing all of the light from within him

Bringing him down into the darkness


And the only way out was through

So through he went and into darkness he dove

Dampening the last of his light on this earth

And breaking through to the unknown


For only here could find the end

To his struggle between light and dark

Only here, relief at last from the unending pain

And our loss, our grief now, became his opening to unity


So, we wish you farewell, a fond goodbye

Rest in peace deep muddy river

May we also remember your light

And shine it through our own unknown darkness.


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