Last Beautiful Night

We walked into the restaurant, only a few minutes late

An old house converted to satisfy diners’ desires.

We sat at an elegant white clothed table, a simple single flower at the center.

Menus and specials were announced, water arrived, we discussed our choices.

I looked at our fellow diners in the room, some skeptical perhaps that 2 young girls can dine and behave.

Orders placed, how does an 8 year old grow such a refined pallet? Will a 6 year old ever catch up?

Soup, salad, drinks, bread, sweet honey whipped butter…

Just the beginning of a beautiful meal, a celebration of life lived and that yet to come.

A birthday dinner.

Everything is served on thick white china, utensils click against the sides of the china.

Petite filet mignon for one youngster, chicken fingers and perfect pommes frites for the other

Pork mole and smoked vegetable ravioli round out the entrees.

Aromas are wonderful, tastes are marvelous, plates are shared with bites passed around.

Can we eat almost all of it, nothing to waste or take home? Let’s try anyway.

The room has grown darker as we have taken our time, the sun set some time ago, we finish the entrees.

And now we think, dessert? Of course dessert, we are celebrating a birthday.

Cards and gifts are opened, decaf coffee sipped with a sense of creamy comfort

Then the end of the meal… sorbet, brullee, and a fancy house specialty dessert.

Two candles are lit on one dessert and all in the room join in for a quiet happy birthday.

Pass, savor, luxuriate, enjoy this bounty, sip this decaf and continue to smile.

Realize the pleasure must end, so satisfied, the party is over, and now a long drive home.

Children gaze up through a moon roof at a black velvety sky sprinkled with stars and planets.

Soon they drift off to sleep, bellies full, trusting that our love will bring them safely home.

The car soars through the night. A new memory completed, now blankets, pillows, snuggle down.

The end of the last beautiful night.


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