Attachment, aversion, so it is

I sit on this rocking dock, on an August afternoon that feels like Fall.

Winds gently blow and create small waves rippling across the large lake.

White mountains loom in the background, reminding me of longevity, the eternal nature of all things.

I breathe in peace, exhale compassion for self and others.

I inhale love, light, I exhale peace for all.

I ride the gentle waves on the dock, shut my eyes, breathe. notice, and list.

Attached to…

Hot sun on a dry summer day

The beauty of nature, across all seasons

Moving my body through space

Hot creamy coffee (decaf), morning after morning

Cuddles anytime of day

Cozy sweaters

Fun times

Dancing the night away

My dear family and pets


Fine food

My own moods and emotions

Hot tea

Caring for others

Writing and reading

Averse to…


Summer ending

Bleak Spring


Loss, grief, pain

Ice cubes

“Hard” work and details

Bad dreams

Some changes


Illness, pain in myself and my family

The stress response



And so it is, is that so….

The list changes daily

So hum, so hum, so hum….

Despite it all Sat Nam, I am, So Hum.










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