I sit and wait

Breathe, sit, wait

Moments turning into hours

Days, months, years… and more.


I can barely notice myself

When I am hurting, in pain

Tears welling up

So how can I expect you to notice?


Someday, maybe, I will just sit

And not judge myself too much

Not think I should be one way or another

I will sit and notice.


And then I will notice you too

And I will see you

See you as you really are

A light filled being.


And until then I will just

Keep on breathing

Sitting, every day

Moving toward noticing.


Crimson colors call to me

Scarlet, yellow, orange

Heralding all of the great glory of change

Before they sail down to earth

Returning to whence they came.


Warm days, crisp nights

Great big blue skies

All providing contrast and depth

To this amazing transformational act

I find myself, gently falling for Fall.




Oh to…

Oh, to have something

Something to write about

Laugh over

Cry for

Strive toward.


Oh to leave something

And be scared or happy

Even just to feel free

As you walk slowly away.


Oh, to grasp on to something

Feel yourself

Craving, desiring, wanting

Aching for that thing


Oh, to feel anxious

Worrying, crying, wondering

Not knowing with certainty

What that future might hold.


Oh to let go and just be

With the good, the bad

The hard, the fun

The yucky, and the yicky


Oh to be human

Each day a new opportunity

To feel, to love, to suffer

To roam around and wonder.

Pay Attention

This body hurts sometimes

A little right there on the neck

A lot over here between the scapula

The pains, daily they come and go


Oh, you old trusty bag of bones

You know just when to get my attention

Subtle ache or severe spasm

You wake me up to me


Pinching neck, yikes, who is my pain in the neck

Spasm mid-back, crying out to me

Joints ache when moved, they whisper

Remember, never forget, why you are here


Thank you, old trusty bag of bones

Hurting, aging, declining  body

Suffering pieces of me

Twisting my body up


You call for me to care for myself

You remind me of life’s suffering

Pain, you create a well of empathy within me

From which I can draw upon each day


For we all suffering, on some level

We all have these bags of bones to deal with

Each of us wants to move beyond the pain

And yet pain creates an opportunity to awaken


Pain, dare I say, come to me freely

And teach me what I need to know

About empathy, love, surrender

And awaken the heart of my soul.



Yellow Moon

Arising from a sound sleep

Drawn to the window

Across the river, rising from an ink-black sky

A thumbnail sliver of yellow moon


Am I the only one called here

To witness this miracle

This gentle rising of beauty

Yellow moonlight reflecting off the darkened still river?


It feel like I am the keeper of this quiet moment

This close to an awakened midnight phenom

What a treasure to witness the universe unfolding

I shall hold this image, a memory now, in memory.

Gratitude Moment

What a beautiful place
To live, work, play
So blessed to be surrounded
By God’s beauty each day.
I breathe in the light
That peaks through a rain filled cloud
I notice cool air, leave changing
I pray and say Amen out loud.

Sometimes I don’t know why I am here
What brought me so far from home
But days like this, I can embrace the now
Not worry why so far I had to come.
Thank you for the lessons
The love, the light, the pain
The chance to keep starting over
Love, serve, remember again.

Cold Wind

A fiercely cold wind

Arising and blowing through and around

Creating white caps and dark water

On what should be a still calm lake


Wind blowing from the cold north

It’s too early, too early for such bold weather

Though not stormy, the wind serves its purpose

Things are changing, moving forward


And suddenly there is a lightness

This body, the bag of well sealed blood, bones, organs

So temporary, so changing, so impermanent

Just like the cold wind, is blowing on through


And someday this bag of bones will return

To earth, dust, air, sea, land, elements of what was

This material, I mistake it for me

And it had its own destiny, to return to


But me, the true soul I am

I plan to soar upon death

I plan to rise above the cold winds

And remember all I forgot


Me, the true soul that I am

I will return to the universe, laughing at this small life

Riding through the stardust

And moving onto new adventures.


So blow cold wind

Disrupt everything and move through this aging body

Reminding me that you will come and go

As will I.

When things get better

When things get better

Yes, I’ll do it then

When things are easier

I’ll breathe easier, say “Amen”!


On that day in the future

With a lighter load

I’ll live, laugh, and love

And take that higher road.


Someday, when the timing is good

I’ll do what I need to do

When my thoughts are clear

Perspective no longer askew.


When things get better

And someday they might

Then,I will let go of the burden

And step closer to that light.


When things get better…

Rising: A story-poem

Before retiring, she looked out the window

Only to see a bright white silvery moon rising

Over the dark waters of the river

Creating silvery essence on the water


Snuggling down into linens, covers, pillows

She soon and swiftly drifted off to sleep

She awoke a few hours later

The silvery full moon had moved so swiftly over the still river


Not sure if she was dreaming or awake

She glided down the stairs, out the door, across the dewy-deep grass

And down toward the water

Her skin glistened with silver light in the cool night air.


Down by the river, she reached out to touch a moon beam

It was reflecting on the water, and she thought

If only I could touch it, the light of the moon would move through me

I would be healed and I would know….


To her surprise, the moon beam reflection felt solid and strong

She stood up and placed her toe on the light, and then her foot

And soon she was moving lightly across the moon beams

Gazing at her feet on the beams and the moon up above


And finding herself soon under the moon

She raised her arms up toward the moon, the brightest light

During that dark and cool night

And she embraced the moon, wrapping her arms around it


The moon obliged her, bringing her up to its heavenly heights

Filling her full of healing silvery light

Showing to her some of the secrets of the world

As they slowly made their way toward the West, through the night.


What to do

Uncertainty swirls around her

And she wishes for that feeling

It happens once in awhile

That feeling of knowing of fully


Today, though, this is an opportunity

To spend these forever feeling moments

Sitting with the unknown

Allowing a perfect future to emerge.


Because , God, Higher Power, the Universe

They know so much better

And she is held closely by them

This journey is not just for the pain.


So she decides what to do

Which is to do nothing

Just keep breathing and breathing

And let the teaching and healing emerge.