Taking a moment, looking around
Blue sky
Small clouds
Green trees, some leaves changing already
Breathing in
A moment to just wait and be
For this moment, I can sit
And not do
And not worry
And not project
I can use my eyes to just see this world
As it is
Where I am at
In this very moment
I notice
The leaves waving in a gentle breeze
The sounds of summers last crickets, bees, and birds
Far off traffic, cars gliding by ever few minutes
People walking
A breeze slips through my open window
Was it there before?
I notice life moving time marching on somehow
Both with and without me
Even as I sit and watch
Things are changing
In a moment I will step away
Become one of the walking
Head through a doorway, a meeting
I notice, the small evolution of the world
With every breath, with every step, with every skin caressing late summer breeze
I notice, I am, both the same and changing.


One comment

  1. redgladiola · September 4, 2014

    Beautiful! I agree it’s important just to enjoy the moment.

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