Cold Wind

A fiercely cold wind

Arising and blowing through and around

Creating white caps and dark water

On what should be a still calm lake


Wind blowing from the cold north

It’s too early, too early for such bold weather

Though not stormy, the wind serves its purpose

Things are changing, moving forward


And suddenly there is a lightness

This body, the bag of well sealed blood, bones, organs

So temporary, so changing, so impermanent

Just like the cold wind, is blowing on through


And someday this bag of bones will return

To earth, dust, air, sea, land, elements of what was

This material, I mistake it for me

And it had its own destiny, to return to


But me, the true soul I am

I plan to soar upon death

I plan to rise above the cold winds

And remember all I forgot


Me, the true soul that I am

I will return to the universe, laughing at this small life

Riding through the stardust

And moving onto new adventures.


So blow cold wind

Disrupt everything and move through this aging body

Reminding me that you will come and go

As will I.

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