Pay Attention

This body hurts sometimes

A little right there on the neck

A lot over here between the scapula

The pains, daily they come and go


Oh, you old trusty bag of bones

You know just when to get my attention

Subtle ache or severe spasm

You wake me up to me


Pinching neck, yikes, who is my pain in the neck

Spasm mid-back, crying out to me

Joints ache when moved, they whisper

Remember, never forget, why you are here


Thank you, old trusty bag of bones

Hurting, aging, declining  body

Suffering pieces of me

Twisting my body up


You call for me to care for myself

You remind me of life’s suffering

Pain, you create a well of empathy within me

From which I can draw upon each day


For we all suffering, on some level

We all have these bags of bones to deal with

Each of us wants to move beyond the pain

And yet pain creates an opportunity to awaken


Pain, dare I say, come to me freely

And teach me what I need to know

About empathy, love, surrender

And awaken the heart of my soul.



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