When things get better

When things get better

Yes, I’ll do it then

When things are easier

I’ll breathe easier, say “Amen”!


On that day in the future

With a lighter load

I’ll live, laugh, and love

And take that higher road.


Someday, when the timing is good

I’ll do what I need to do

When my thoughts are clear

Perspective no longer askew.


When things get better

And someday they might

Then,I will let go of the burden

And step closer to that light.


When things get better…

Rising: A story-poem

Before retiring, she looked out the window

Only to see a bright white silvery moon rising

Over the dark waters of the river

Creating silvery essence on the water


Snuggling down into linens, covers, pillows

She soon and swiftly drifted off to sleep

She awoke a few hours later

The silvery full moon had moved so swiftly over the still river


Not sure if she was dreaming or awake

She glided down the stairs, out the door, across the dewy-deep grass

And down toward the water

Her skin glistened with silver light in the cool night air.


Down by the river, she reached out to touch a moon beam

It was reflecting on the water, and she thought

If only I could touch it, the light of the moon would move through me

I would be healed and I would know….


To her surprise, the moon beam reflection felt solid and strong

She stood up and placed her toe on the light, and then her foot

And soon she was moving lightly across the moon beams

Gazing at her feet on the beams and the moon up above


And finding herself soon under the moon

She raised her arms up toward the moon, the brightest light

During that dark and cool night

And she embraced the moon, wrapping her arms around it


The moon obliged her, bringing her up to its heavenly heights

Filling her full of healing silvery light

Showing to her some of the secrets of the world

As they slowly made their way toward the West, through the night.


What to do

Uncertainty swirls around her

And she wishes for that feeling

It happens once in awhile

That feeling of knowing of fully


Today, though, this is an opportunity

To spend these forever feeling moments

Sitting with the unknown

Allowing a perfect future to emerge.


Because , God, Higher Power, the Universe

They know so much better

And she is held closely by them

This journey is not just for the pain.


So she decides what to do

Which is to do nothing

Just keep breathing and breathing

And let the teaching and healing emerge.

Take a day

What a week

Take a day, breathe

A day of rest and Sabbath

And release all that went down


The waves of pain

The never ending planning

The tears which flow and ebb

The highs and lows


Let go of fear, anger

Prepare to walk back in

Strong peaceful warrior

To make right any wrong.


Spend the extra time

Meditating, breathing, listening

Look at nature and notice

And encode peace on your genes.


Wind sweeps through the blue sky

Changing clouds, swirling patterns

Rippling water, grey to blue

Moving small ships.


Become like the wind

Guided by nature

Sometimes strong and fierce

Other times cool and gentle.


And after this day

When you have let it all go

Remember to come back

Remember again and again and again.


Taking a moment, looking around
Blue sky
Small clouds
Green trees, some leaves changing already
Breathing in
A moment to just wait and be
For this moment, I can sit
And not do
And not worry
And not project
I can use my eyes to just see this world
As it is
Where I am at
In this very moment
I notice
The leaves waving in a gentle breeze
The sounds of summers last crickets, bees, and birds
Far off traffic, cars gliding by ever few minutes
People walking
A breeze slips through my open window
Was it there before?
I notice life moving time marching on somehow
Both with and without me
Even as I sit and watch
Things are changing
In a moment I will step away
Become one of the walking
Head through a doorway, a meeting
I notice, the small evolution of the world
With every breath, with every step, with every skin caressing late summer breeze
I notice, I am, both the same and changing.

The long day

A hot day, high humidity, sticky feeling everywhere.

So much to do,the first day of school for us all!

Make lunches, off to school, answer emails, check classes, make videos, meetings, pick up children, meetings, dinner…

And of course the need to make time for the self

To just breathe and chant alone inside

Listen to the crickets, frogs, birds singing their last few songs of summer….

Stop and listen, breathe, and move the body

If it is not enough, or if is still just too much

Too much to do, too much to be, too much anger, too much of too much

Then let it go, sailing out into the newly dark night

And try again tomorrow, a new start of a new start.