The Perfect Day

If I could imagine, the perfect day

I would sleep in late

And you would bring me hot (decaf) coffee with cream

After I finished meditating.


I would float through the day

Spending time in nature, taking pictures or

Hiking, walking the dog, jogging

Breathing, relaxing, smiling, laughing.


I would rest in a hammock

Or on the most comfortable couch

And read a book for pure pleasure

Probably a memoir, walking into someone else’s life.


Nibbling on fruit like crisp apples

Or juicy orange slices

I would crunch on nuts

And sip sweet, hot tea while I read.


Then I would gently get to work

And write a pretty poem

Just for you

And you would smile and then sigh aloud when you read it.


When the children came home

We would create a giant leaf pile

And jump and frolic in the cool Autmun air

We would come inside to get warm by the wood stove


For dinner we would have a hearty soup

Like corn chowder or spicy black bean

With thick slices of buttered pumpkin bread

And a little salad for good health.


Before bed we would all play a game

Like Jenga or UNO

And I would win and smile and laugh

Because I always win.


Soon we would head upstairs

I would do yoga before I closed my eyes

Cuddling under flannel sheets and fleece blankets

We would each thank God for a perfect day.






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