Lost Poems

All day long

Poem, after poem, after poem

Went running through my head

Like too many little joggers

Running a never ending marathon.

Perfect I thought, I won’t forget that!

Beautiful I murmured as the poem picture emerged in my head.

Wow, I breathed, that one is a winner!

And then ..poof…oh, no

I forgot them all

As good as dust in the wind as

My brain released them back to the universe.

So maybe you will catch one of those poems

A free flying consciousness in the universe

Hopefully you will wrap it up prettily in writing

And secure it with a tight and shiny ribbon

Then I will wonder, why does this sound so familiar?

Of course, it is because it flowed through me too

And I will thank you and practice gratitude

For your catching all of the ones

That flew into and out of my head so quickly

And I will love how you evolved them

Such magic they were then, and such magic they will be again.


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