There was a girl

Chapter 1:

There was a girl and she liked to work.

She would work and work and work.

Nobody could do all of this

But her…

Chapter II:

What would they do without me? she wondered.

She was so needed, and the work was so special.

And one day she woke up

A pain here, an ache there.

And another day she could not fall asleep

Worrying, worrying, worrying.

Chapter III:

And then one night she yelled and screamed

Wondering what was happening to her.

Where was the girl going?

Why was she striving so?

What was the point, the purpose, the meaning, the cost?

Chapter IV:

And so she collapsed. She fell down into a deep chair.

She knew, this was enough. Her body was telling her, her heart was aching.

She felt every cell in her body

Directing her back to herself.

Give up the awards and rewards, it whispered… come back home.

Chapter V:

She slowly, slowly, began to recover.

She used the right herbals and medicines

She slept, exercised, laughed, cried,

She went to work and then she left work.

She took whole days with no work at all.

Chapter VI

Eventually she figured it out; how to make her work her play

And her play her work

How to enjoy each day

Through presence, gratitude, love, and finding joy.

And she shared that joy and love with all.


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