Yin and Yang

It may sound confusing to some

But in each and every-thing, every holon

There to resides the opposite.

Chaos is perfect in its imperfect patterns

In my goodness, I harbor a shadow-side

In each breath I may pause and wait, un-breathing makes way for breathing

Suffering harbors the potential for growth and healing

Death makes room for new life.

Duality prevails:


Night moves into Day

Sun shines brightly Moon more lightly

Negative makes way for Positive

Winter brings longing for summer

Sunny days energize, Rainy days retreat

Land is the solid beneath us, Sea floats us to new realms

Fire burns away impurity, Water for all living beings

Pain and aches make way for Pleasure and healing

Clean becomes dirty again, clean again, dirty again….

Yet, there are no absolutes, as we swing along yin-yang continuums

Moving beyond dualism, and toward a holonic universe understanding.

Everything is constantly changing and yet everything also seeks a balance, an equilibrium.

One relies on the other for it’s very existence, interdependence, recognizing the yin-yang potential, is the key.

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