It’s All About Love

I was gliding between sleep and wakefulness

And suddenly a feeling came over me

A whispering in my head

An opening in my heart

“It’s all about LOVE.

This whole life, LOVE.

Moment to moment, LOVE.

Radiating LOVE.”

And then as the tears streamed down

I realized how many times I didn’t LOVE….

How I judged, and disliked, and maybe even hated.

Not once in awhile, but daily I forgot to LOVE.

And how I need to keep striving

Keep cultivating

Moving ever forward up the spiral

Toward LOVE.

LOVE for self

LOVE for others….

EVERY single other…. friend, foe, enemy, politician, acquaintance, relative, evil doers, saints, all of God’s creatures

Drying the tears, I declared

This is my enlightenment goal.



One comment

  1. Gretiana · December 18, 2014

    Amen…I want to love like Jesus. I really do…

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