An angel

Pink cheeks

Blue sad eyes

She shuts them

And drifts off to rest.


The beautiful little angel

Sick and suffering a bit

I monitor and play nurse with her

Soon she breathes rhythmically.


Be well, my darling angel

Sent to me from beyond

Take this time to rest and heal

We have many days left to grow.

On the wire

On the wire

3 little birds are we

Couldn’t get much higher

Prefer wire to the tree.


Sun shining down

3 little birds are we

Winter light remains

Fly up here now to see.


Basking, breathing

3 little birds are we

Never mind the cold brisk wind

As birds we remain so free.


Chirping, flying

3 little birds are we

Calling out on this bright winter day

We see what we can see.


Come be like us

3 little birds are we

Living life on the wire

Alive, aware, and free.


Open your heart

Open your heart

It’s a brand new day

Open your heart

To the loving kindness way

Open your heart

Let the love shine in

Open, open, yes, open up your heart


Wake right up

To this brand new day

Greet it with love

It’s the brand new way

Open your heart

Love is what we have today

Open, open, yes, open up your heart


Release your fears

There is no need to cry

Be here right now

Let your heart open and fly

Move beyond pain and suffering

Let your heart be full

Open, open, yes, open up your heart



An open heart

One that is filled with love

An open heart

Loving kindness way

An open heart

It is yours today

Open, open, yes, open up your heart

Both/ And

The Yin, The Yang

I am light

And I am dark

I have been so angry, I felt my head would explode

And so peaceful, I might just float away

I have been tired, done, overwhelmed, exhausted

And then excited, energized, happy, enthusiastic

I can be loving, calm, centered, sweet

Another day, ready to fight, take on the world

I have known such love and presence

And I walked on the edge of the abyss to nothingness

I am a human being

And sometimes a spiritual being

Both completely perfect, healed, and well

And struggling along, aching inside

It’s this life, this life of Both/ And

The best, the worst, the all of it all

It all leads to growth and it all leads back to everything and nothing

Fullness, emptiness, completeness and the void

Always room for reflection, the witness, growth.

What a perfect, wonderful, horrible, and challenging opprotunity

To be both a human and spiritual being

In this breath

In this breath

And the next, and the next….

It is all here.

In this breath

And the one after

I can feel God.

Breathing through me

In this breath

And all of the ones to follow.

I know the nature of Love

Flowing through me

In this breath.

And on and on

There is no end

Even at the end.

Thank you for so much time

To breathe, to know, to be, to love

In this breath.

Love flows through me

And when this body’s breath ends

I am, So Hum, One with All.

A New Year Healing

Here she sits

On the start of a brand new year

Just a little work in progress

Both a small part of the universe and all of the universe

Wishing for a peaceful loving heart

Stuck sometimes in the clinging and longing

For more, more, more, more

The list spins around in her mind

More friends, money, space, belongings, love

As loneliness and heartache creep in

She must know the only way out is in and through

Breathe, observe, feel

Connect deeply to the heart and gratitude

Mourn the heartache of loss and attachment or aversion

The human condition

And walk closer to the shining bright light

Of abundant and eternal love

Walk into that light of love

Reflect that light out toward others

Share the heart space more deeply

Than ever before.