Both/ And

The Yin, The Yang

I am light

And I am dark

I have been so angry, I felt my head would explode

And so peaceful, I might just float away

I have been tired, done, overwhelmed, exhausted

And then excited, energized, happy, enthusiastic

I can be loving, calm, centered, sweet

Another day, ready to fight, take on the world

I have known such love and presence

And I walked on the edge of the abyss to nothingness

I am a human being

And sometimes a spiritual being

Both completely perfect, healed, and well

And struggling along, aching inside

It’s this life, this life of Both/ And

The best, the worst, the all of it all

It all leads to growth and it all leads back to everything and nothing

Fullness, emptiness, completeness and the void

Always room for reflection, the witness, growth.

What a perfect, wonderful, horrible, and challenging opprotunity

To be both a human and spiritual being

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